Carbon Market Watch

Carbon Market WatchCarbon Market Watch scrutinises carbon markets and advocates for fair and effective climate protection. With it we are active on three levels – at the UN level, within Europe and the Global South.

Our Network

Our Network

The Carbon Market Watch Network is an initiative started by Carbon Market Watch in 2010. Currently it connects more than 800 NGOs and academics from the Global North and South to share information and concerns about carbon offset projects and policies.

Capacity Building


Capacity Building forms the core of our activities and initiatives. These strengthen the voice of civil society in the Global South and have resulted in local voices being heard at the international policy level.

Programme Updates


See the latest news, policy and publication updates from our ongoing programmes.

Our Mission

Nature Code’s mission is to ensure that the protection and welfare of all living beings becomes the guiding principle of policy making.

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Become a Member

Join Nature Code and get involved in our on-going campaigns or simply support our work with a small financial contribution. We welcome individuals, NGOs, and other non-profit organisations to become Members of Nature Code.

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The challenge we face as a non-profit organisation is raising enough money to continue our work. Your donation, no matter what size, can help a great deal.

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What`s new:

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